Thursday, December 8, 2011


Tonight Miss E asked me to move her toddler bed into her room. I asked her if she was absolutely sure & she said yep. So her bed is now in her room on the other side of the house. She will still sleep with me at night I'm sure, but she will nap in her room now. I've been wanting to move some furniture around anyway so I took the opportunity. 2 hours later, I am exhausted & Miss E is sound asleep. We are turning the office into a playroom since we are out of room for her toys and she is getting a couple big things for Christmas (a big 2 sided art easel & a rocking horse & a chair) and there is no telling what all she is getting for her bday, so we decided to make it her playroom. I'm going to try to have it done by Christmas so we won't be rushed & we will have room to put all of her stuff. 

I just can't believe how fast she is growing up. It is really bittersweet. I hope she still wants to snuggle with me at night.