Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miss E is 3!

It's been a little over a week since I've updated, but in my defense, I've been really busy. Between the gym, Miss E starting dance back, and her turning 3 and having her party, it's been a little hectic. 

So the most important thing first, my baby is THREE now. Her birthday was Saturday and her party was Saturday afternoon at a local jump place.I ran around like a crazy person Saturday morning, picking up the food, cleaning out my car, loading everything into my the time the party came around, I was tired. But that's the good thing about having her party there, once we were there, I didn't have to do anything, it was quite nice:) Her party was a success and we had a great turn out. She had a blast playing with everyone. Saturday night we had her family birthday dinner. She picked the place(Texas Roadhouse) and she thought it was the coolest thing ever when they sang "Happy Birthday" to her and gave her ice cream.

Here is my 3 year old on the way to her party:
Sunday we took her to Build A Bear and she loved it. She took awhile to pick out the animal she wanted, she wanted a chocolate lab at first, then something else and something else before she finally decided she wanted the Disney Bear. Then she picked out a purple bubble dress and purple shoes with jewels on them(of course) to match. To top it off, she HAD to have a princess wand as well. That was an expensive trip, but so worth it. She named her bear Princess and has been inseparable from her since.

Here is Miss E and Princess:

So this is my second week at the gym and I must say that I love it. I lost my gym buddy due to her husbands schedule changing so now I'm going solo. I thought going into it that it was something that I was going to have to make myself do, but that hasn't been the case. I look forward to going and sweating and burning those calories. I really like the body pump class. I did yoga too and I didn't enjoy it as much, but I still liked it. I've been doing the treadmill and the elliptical and on the days that I don't do pump, I'm doing weights as well. This is only week 2 so I haven't seen any results yet(didn't plan too, I know it takes awhile) but I'm looking forward to when I do. I can see how people become addicted to it, I feel so great when I leave that I always look forward to going back. 

I can really see this becoming a every day routine, I was at 3 days a week, this week I'll go 4 days...I got to stick with it if I want to see change!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holy soreness!

Friday morning was my first ever gym class(well outside of high school anyway). It was at 8:30 am but luckily the gym is only 10 minutes away, but I got up at 7 to give myself plenty of time. We got there and Miss E was more than excited to go to the kid area(as she calls it). The only thing I wanted to accomplish was to actually finish the class. I'm not going to lie, that crap was hard. Much more than I expected. But I did it. All of it. I was so proud of myself that the rest of the day was just nothing but great. I even did the elliptical there after, and did a mile on my elliptical at home that evening. I felt fantastic. Saturday on the other hand, I didn't feel so fantastic. I hurt. The tops of my legs and my chest, even my butt hurt. I was holding my pee because it hurt so bad to sit on the toilet. But the pain made me make better eating choices over the weekend. All that pain was NOT going to be for nothing! Today was a little better, the squats are what got me because the tops of my legs are the only thing that are still pretty sore. And I'm doing it again in the morning. I'm really loving the body pump class(that's the only one I've taken so far) and I'm going to do it twice a week. 

No spectacular update. I'm just proud of myself for finishing the class. I'm proud of myself for the better choices that I am making. This year is all about being positive for me. I've separated myself from the people who bring me down. I'm making big changes in my life and I'm excited to see how this all turns out.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

My first ever mile:)

Today will forever be known as the day I did my first ever straight mile on my elliptical! To be exact, I did 1.09 miles, but who's counting?! Yesterday I dragged my butt up to Body Plex and joined. I start my first class in the morning. I am NOT a morning person, so this should be interesting. I'm going to be doing classes 3 times a week, alternating between body pump(what I'm doing tomorrow), body combat, and yoga. As I get better I also want to try  spinning. I am more than ready to do this!

My other obsession has been my new camera. I've always been what you call a 'mamarazzi'. Anyone close to me can tell you that is the truth. I've had a camera in Miss E's face since the second she was born. Now that I've upgraded, the obsession is worse! I mean, at least this kid will have tons of baby pictures, right?? Anyway I skipped automatic and flipped straight to manual and have been learning ISO,Aperture,Shutter speeds,etc. I've been experimenting and seeing what looks best and such. Like I said before, I am in NO way wanting or trying to be a professional, but I do want to be able to take good pictures of my kid whenever I want:) Anyway here are some(out of the hundreds) that I have taken:

These are all straight out of my camera. I figure I'll learn my camera thoroughly before learning the editing process. Not spectacular pictures but I think they are pretty good for a beginner in manual:)

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. I'm off to bed early so I can get up and bust some booty in the am!  

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

I'm starting the New Year with nothing but positive thoughts. Why? Simple, because I CHOOSE to. But here are a few reasons:

We are going to pay off a good bit of debt this year. A loan that we've had for a year and a half, our last 2 credit cards, and my car(I will NEVER have another 6 year loan). I'm so excited that I can't see straight!

My baby is turning THREE! In just under two weeks Miss E will be 3 and it is just surreal to me. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for her.

Brandon gets TWO vacations after July and a couple of raises this year. Need I say more?

We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in September and our 12th year together in November.

I have lots of house plans this year. I want to redecorate our bathroom(which isn't really decorated, just painted, but I want to repaint and do some things in there. I want to re paint our living room, dining room, and hall, and I want to get our basement de-cluttered and organized into useful space. 

And the biggest thing I'm looking forward to....doing things for ME! Getting this weight off. I'm down 10 lbs since my first post about it a couple of weeks ago, but I slacked over the holidays. But now saying that I have 40 lbs to go sounds so much easier than saying 50 lbs to go, so I'm thankful for that 10. I'm taking a HUGE step and joining a gym ( I have a workout buddy) and doing two classes with her. I'm so excited about this next step. This is my biggest goal of 2013. Cliche, yes I know, but I don't care either. I AM going to do this!

Happy New Year everyone!