Monday, April 1, 2013

Month 3 Update

Here it is, my three month update. I wrote last time I wouldn't forget and I didn't....thanks to the reminder on my phone!

So.....I am down 19.6 pounds! It would probably be an even 20, but I ate like crap this weekend. Hooters Friday night, Chili's Saturday night, Easter on Sunday, KFC Sunday night. Yeah....I told you, it was bad. But through some miracle I didn't gain any weight through all that junk I ate. The downside is that I do feel like crap after all that junk I ate. My workout this morning was torture(but in all fairness, I have a pretty bad head cold right now). I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. But I went and that is what counts. 

I am also down 2 jean sizes. I can't believe it. Those jeans that I was talking about a couple of weeks ago, yeah I'm wearing those quite comfortably now. It's freaking awesome. That's the only way I know how to explain it. My pile of clothes that are too big is getting huge and I love it. I love the feeling of putting on jeans that used to be too tight and now they are too big. I love that I have a pile of jeans that I haven't worn in 6 years and now I'm wearing them. 

I love how I feel most importantly. I feel like I can do anything. I'm right at my halfway point and I am more motivated than ever. I love having energy, I love not being achy, I love not getting winded. I love the feeling of knowing I put my mind to something and that I'm accomplishing it. Everyday I work hard. I sweat, I push myself, I hurt, and I do it. I drink a ton of water. I eat healthy (for the most part, I do have my days, I'm only human!) I sacrifice and   I'm seeing the results. I can't begin to tell you how worth it it is. 

So there is my update as promised. I am doing this. It is hard, but it is so worth it. 

19.6 down, 20 to go!