Friday, February 22, 2013

Answers finally!

So I really have been a horrible blogger lately. I'm aware of this. I could make an empty promise to try to get better, but I won't. I will of course do my monthly weight loss updates (because, well those make me very happy!!), but when it comes to day to day stuff, well I just plain forget to most of the time. So anyway, here are my updates:)

Brandon is FINALLY home from Canada. He left Feb 4th and got home yesterday, that is way too long to be gone. It sucked. Not gonna lie. Thankfully it is a once a year thing, I couldn't handle more than that. 

We finally have gotten to the bottom of Miss E's cough that she has had for months (hence the title of this post). She has pretty bad asthma. It was always disguised by other things, she had brochiolitis, she had the flu, she had a viral bug, etc. These were all pretty spaced out, but her cough never went away. And it kept getting worse and worse. Then it got to where she couldn't run around and play without having these bad coughing fits. Nights were horrible, she would just hack her head off and neither of us would sleep. She was getting to where she was constantly wheezing.Brandon was in Canada when her symptoms really started to peak, so he missed all that good stuff. I chalked it up to allergies and started her back on her Zyrtec. Well last weekend was horrible. Her dance studio was throwing it's annual Sweetheart Dance and Miss E and her Pops went. She wanted to get her hair done so I took her to Famous 6 minutes away from our house. Someone was getting a perm and between that and all the hairspray, she didn't stop hacking. They were nice and kept giving her suckers to suck on and I had her water to sip on and that helped some, but not too much. I was thinking her allergies are definitely worse than they were last year and Zyrtec may not cut it this year. I made a mental note to call the Dr first thing Monday morning. We got home and I gave her some honey and she calmed down. Then Pops said that she was fine until the end of the dance and she started wheezing and having the coughing fits again. They lasted all night. Sunday was no better. We were at the Dr first thing Monday morning because something had to give. Long story short, asthma it is. She had to be on a 3 day steroid (which helped tremendously) to jump start her because it was so bad. Now she is on 2 inhalers a day, a maintenance and a rescue one. Hopefully we will get it under control soon and she will just be on the maintenance one and use the rescue one as needed. Yesterday she had a full blown attack at the gym and it scared the crap out of me. Watching your child turn purple is no freaking joke. I got her stabilized and then she had another attack shortly after. After 3 calls to the Dr,( I LOVE our pediatrician) we finally got on the same page about the inhalers and frequency of use and she hasn't had another attack since. So pray, send good thoughts, or whatever it is you may do that we can get this under control fairly quickly and Miss E can go back to her normal activities soon.

Now that I got that out, here is my princess about to go to her very first dance:)

I think she is pretty much the cutest little girl ever!

I am still going to the gym and working out 5 to 6 days a week. I love it. I feel so great when I leave there. Miss E loves the KidsPlex so it's a win win. You'll have to wait for my monthly update next week for all the details, but I'm still doing good:) I'm more motivated than ever!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

4 week update.

Disclaimer: I'm blogging from my phone, so excuse any grammatical errors or lacks of paragraphs.

Yesterday marked four weeks since my serious weight loss journey began. I am proud to say that I am down 10 lbs and a few inches as well. I wish I had taken measurements at the very beginning, but I didn't, but I'm starting to notice that my clothes are starting to get a little loose. I am starting to notice a small change in the way my body looks and I'm overall happy with the results this far.

Another change I've noticed is how I feel. I have had so much more energy, I'm not craving the bad stuff as much, I wake up so much easier in the mornings and I'm sleeping great at night. I'm also not as achey as I used to be, I just feel better over all. My mood is also been better, I'm finding myself feeling a lot happier and a lot less stressed out.

So there is my update. I'm very excited to see where I'll be in another 4 weeks! 10 down, 30 to go!