Saturday, June 8, 2013

Month 5 Update!

Here's my 5 month update...

I'm down 30 pounds!!

I'm ecstatic to say the least. I worked hard to lose this weight. It's not easy and it's not all that fun all the time. There are days that I can't wait to get to the gym. Then there are days that I need to be dragged kicking and screaming to the gym. 

But let me tell you this. I NEVER regret going to the gym. But I do regret the days I'm supposed to go and don't. 

Since I've gotten my Polar watch for Mother's Day, I've been pushing myself to go even harder. It's like a game to see how many calories I can burn in a session. I love pushing myself and meeting and exceeding new goals. It's an amazing feeling to do something I thought I'd never be able to do. 

I finally took the big step and cleaned out my closet. I bagged up all of my fat clothes. My closet is pretty bare right now, but I'll build up a new wardrobe. I've gone from a size 16 to a comfortable 10. Brandon took me shopping a couple weeks ago and made me try on a pair of size 10 shorts. I fought him about it, but eventually gave in. I couldn't believe that they fit! And not tight but actually comfortable fit. I still tend to gravitate towards the bigger sizes. I struggle with clothes that are remotely tight because when I was big I didn't want anything tight. Now I still try to buy a large even though it's roomy, the mediums fit right but it's a psychological head thing I guess. 

I'll admit that I'm still struggling with my eating habits. I'm not eating near as healthy as I should be. But I'm still losing weight. Going to the gym and getting my metabolism right has helped tremendously on the days where I just have to have a western burger and curly fries. But I don't generally have a whole day of eating bad, just a bad meal here and there. I refuse to deprive myself, if I'm having a craving, I'll full fill it. But I know how hard it is to work off those calories, so the cravings don't come nearly as often as they used to. Plus, bad food just makes me feel bad now. 

 Me in 2010 at 200 lbs.
Me last weekend at 155 lbs.

It's those kind of pictures that keeps me going. I've come so far, I do NOT want to go back to that miserable weight I was before. Only 10 pounds til my goal!