Monday, October 1, 2012

It's been awhile...

It's been over 2 months since I've blogged. I just never seem to remember to do it and I've been staying pretty busy these days. But a lot has gone on in the past 2 months.

First thing is I turned 27 in August. I didn't plan a night out or anything like that because I just wanted to spend the day with my family. And that is what we did. We went and ate lunch at the Olive Garden then went to Mountaisa where we spent the day. We played putt putt and played all the games and Elyse loved getting to trade her tickets for prized. She told daddy that she wanted to get a prize for me since it was my birthday so she picked out a purple bracelet and I wear it all the time. Brandon got me the Hunger Games DVD and a ring with Elyse's name on it. But the company sized it wrong so I haven't been able to wear it just yet. Then my sis in law made me dinner at her house and surprised me with cheesecake(my absolute fave). It was a really great day. Brandon took his stress days on my birthday and the day after. So the next day we woke up at 6 am for family pictures. It was so worth it though because all the pictures turned out amazing! I will eventually post some new pics on my blog, but since my laptop crashed and I mostly use my phone and tablet and the slow as Christmas computer, I just haven't done it yet.

The next weekend Brandon and I headed to Blue Ridge for our anniversary. We spent the day wandering around and then we did horseback ride through the mountains. It was so peaceful and amazing and we have decided that we are going to make that a tradition. I was SO incredible sore the next day though! But I can't wait to do it again. 

The end of Aug beginning of September was our staycation. We had so much things planned and made a ton of great memories. We went to the aquarium and spent all day there. We hiked Stone Mountain (the sky lift was closed, so we had to hike). That was tough with a 2 year old. Every day we did something, it was almost better than actually going somewhere, there is something comforting about getting to sleep in your own bed every night and we didn't have to worry about boarding the dogs. 

Elyse had her first dance performance for the new dance year. They performed at Paulding Meadows and she did a great job. That kid loves the stage and loves putting on a show. She is doing great in the older class and it was definitely the right move putting her in the next class up. She has another performance in a few weeks and then she will also be in the Nutcracker in December. I really appreciate that the new owner is involving the younger kids with everything and not just having them in the end of year recital.

The fair came into town and so we went to that. Elyse wanted to be in the beautiful baby pageant, so she got to pick out her own dress and walk across the stage. After that, she rode every kid ride and one not so kid ride and had a blast. I think I had more fun this year watching her enjoy everything so much than I ever have in the past before we had her. 

Some not so good news is that Brandon got caught in a speed trap and got 2 tickets that we have to pay for in a few days. I really need one month with no unexpected expenses. The cop was a prick, he gave him a speeding ticket and a window tint ticket. I've had my car for 5 years and no one has ever said anything about my tint. I bought the car the way it is and had no idea that my back windows were illegal. It was the end of the month and you know how cops have to get their quota in. He should have given us a warning, but no. I don't like power hungry cops. They really piss me off.

Anyway, our yard is really looking good and Elyse loves having a huge front yard to run around in and all 3 dogs love having the back yard to run around it. It's a win for everyone.

I know I'm missing some things, but my mind is drawing a blank. Maybe it's because it's dinner time and my stomach is growling:)

I know I say this a lot but, I really will try to keep this more up to date!