Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Friday!

Which also means its payday, which unfortunately means that I'm sitting on the computer paying bills and drinking hot chocolate(I don't drink coffee), which means all that money will be gone very shortly. But I'm just thankful that we have the money to pay said bills. 

Miss E and I started the 25 days of Christmas crafts yesterday. She remembered us doing it last year so she was very excited to start this year. We started off with a construction paper Christmas tree. She loved cutting the strips of paper with her little safety scissors, she thought that was a big deal. I'm thinking we will do the Popsicle Santa's and Reindeer today. 

As most everyone knows, Miss E is and will be home schooled. We don't like the public school system here, or really anywhere close to here. If she gets older and decides she doesn't want to be home schooled anymore, we will look into private Christian school. Right now since she is only at the Pre K level, we don't have to report yet nor do I have to follow a set curriculum. I started her when she was 2 to just get her into the routine of it and it became  something she loved doing. She knows when we wake up and eat breakfast, that afterwards it's school time. She loves talking about it to other people and telling daddy about what she did for school when he gets home at night. It has just become a routine part of our day. 

She knows her alphabet really well and you can say a random letter and she can tell you what comes before and after it. So now we are on to letter sounds. She thinks letter sounds are hilarious, she particularly loves the 'Z' sound. She knows how to spell her name and knows how to spell it in sign language, so she is working on writing it right now. She does the 'E' and the 'L' well, but has a hard time with the 'Y' and 'S'. That wasn't something I was going to start with her yet, but she drew the 'E' one day and said "look mommy, I drew E" and we just went from there. She loves drawing smiley faces and circles and squares too. She just loves to learn and soak everything in right now, so I want to cram all this knowledge in there while she is so willing. We don't have a set amount of time we do for school, just whenever she starts getting antsy, it's usually an hour to an hour and a half. I don't push things on her, I really just follow her lead, she usually lets me know what she is ready to learn and that has been what works for us. So far anyway. The day she tells me she doesn't want to home school or if she gets older and it is just something that isn't working anymore, we will enroll her into private school. I'm not going to push it on her because that just defeats the whole purpose of it. 

Since we are done with school and bill paying for the day, I'm going to take her to do some Christmas shopping:) We still have a few people to buy for and she loves picking out presents for other people!

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