Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Almost time....

In a few days we will be beach bound. To say this vacation is much needed is an understatement. I am getting a bit stressed though, Brandon has been gone for a week(with the exception of one night) and it's looking like he will be gone up until time to leave.  He has to be back by Friday at 5 since that is when he goes off call, but we leave very early Saturday morning. So that is leaving me to get everything packed, the house cleaned, the errands ran, and the dogs groomed, by myself. It's a bit overwhelming, but slowly I'm getting it done. The past 2 days have been really productive, but tomorrow I have a date with my best friend, so I won't be doing much tomorrow. I have to squeeze in the bank and getting my oil changed, but I'm going to try to do those before I meet her.  The biggest thing is getting the pups groomed. I'm going to shave them myself and I've been putting it off because I dread doing it. Especially with Miss E there too, it's not going to be an easy task. 

I'm dreading the car ride already. Sunday Miss E and I took a road trip to Chattanooga to see Brandon and the last 30 minutes of the car ride there and back, she screamed. I'm talking full blown loud wailing almost drive off the road screaming. Hopefully this time it will be easier because with Brandon driving I can hop in the back if she starts whining. He installed her TV/DVD player so I'm hoping Mickey Mouse will keep her entertained.  

She's been whiny the past few days and as much as I hate to say it, it is really working on my nerves. It doesn't help that Brandon has been gone so I have no help. As I type this, she is in bed whining. Not crying, but just whining. She has had a runny nose the past 2 days and I am praying to God that she is not getting sick. She is going to see her Grammie for a while tomorrow so I'm hoping she is good for her. 

I'm glad that Brandon got to come home last night, even though it was just one night. Our kitchen sink got clogged up and I couldn't get it to drain. I got some liquid plumber and poured it in there Sunday night before I went to bed.  I am extremely allergic to chemicals so I was nervous, but it had to be done.  I was really careful and didn't get a drop on me, but somehow I still had a reaction. I started getting hives and my face and throat started swelling. I finally found a Zyrtec and that helped tremendously. After all that, it still didn't break the dang clog. Brandon had to take apart and clean the trap last night and thankfully it is now fixed.  Even thought the liquid plumber didn't work, it left my sink and drain extremely clean!

That's about all I have for now, off to start getting our luggage down=)

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