Monday, April 2, 2012


We have had an extremely busy weekend. Miss E spent Sat-today at her Grammie's house, so we had time to get stuff done. Saturday I painted our bedroom (finally!) and it looks awesome! I was afraid of how the color blue was going to turn out on our accent wall & turns out, it is perfect. I'm so in love with how it is coming together. While I painted, Brandon worked on Miss E's loft bed/playhouse. Sunday, we both worked on her bed, I got all the pink & white parts painted, so today I'm going to paint all the purple parts. Then when Brandon gets home tomorrow night we can finally get it in her room and get it put together! I am SO excited since this has been in works since January. We still have to get the crack in her wall fixed from the tornado, and then I can finally get her room back together. 

Once her bed gets done, our next project is our bed. We have decided not to put it on the old frame & posts since it is so high. We took it down when Miss E was born for safety reasons and decided we want to keep it low to the ground(but not on the floor like it is now) to keep it safe for Miss E & any other future kiddos we have. So Brandon is going to build us a platform bed & a headboard. Oh and matching nightstands as well. I'm very excited about how our room is going to come together.

We should be finished clearing the trees in the front yard this week. Then we can start the grading work and hopefully get sod down within the next month. Then we have to start the back yard. We just have to take it one day at a time, as frustrating as that may be sometimes. 

Miss E is doing awesome. She decided to go ahead and have another growth spurt, so now she is in 3T/4T shirts (she has some 4/5 that fit as well) and went straight into a 7.5 shoe. I can't keep up with her growth spurts & it gets expensive quick! 

Right now, life is good, just busy, but I'm enjoying all the progress we are making!

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