Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Improvements

A lot has been going on this past week. Good news is that all the damage on the house has been officially repaired. The gutters are fixed and the window that was broken is now also fixed. A guy is coming tomorrow or Saturday to pressure wash the entire house and then I can re paint the front porch. Our house is going to look amazing! Now all the focus is on the front and back yard. We are on our 4th roll off dumpster($300 a piece!) for the yard debris. But our front yard is really starting to come together. Brandon's dad has been here almost every day when he gets off work and works until about 9pm. When Brandon is home, he also goes straight to work as well. To say they have been working hard is a huge understatement. I am so very grateful that Darryl has done as much as he has because he doesn't have to. He is seriously one pf the best people I know. 

While the guys have been busy improving the outside of our house, I've been busy improving the inside. On Saturday I started making the guest bath into Elyse's bathroom. She picked out the theme she wanted and then I painted it light purple(purple is her favorite color). The bathroom before was a light but bright blue, so covering it was not easy. I got the 2 in 1 paint and primer and had to really layer it on. I didn't get finished til after 11, so touch ups had to wait til Sunday. After I finally finished touch ups on Sunday, I hand scrubbed every inch of the bathroom. I'm talking on my hands and knees cleaning square by square on the floor kind of cleaning. Then I put in all of her new stuff and moved all of her bath stuff in. I had bought her all new towels and washcloths to match. Every thing looked great! I am so happy with the way it turned out. The best part was Miss E's face when she saw it the first time. She said "mommy, it's purple"! I said "this is your new big girl bathroom" and she said that she loved it. Now she wants to go in there numerous times a day to stand on her step stool and brush her teeth by herself and I happily oblige. 

Monday Darryl came over early and surprised me by telling me to go pick out new carpet for the bedroom! I can't even explain how happy that made me, our bedroom is in dire need of new carpet. He said we had enough insurance money from the tornado to put carpet in the bedroom. He had told Brandon that morning that he was going to surprise me with it. It almost brought tears to my eyes, this is something I've wanted to do since before Miss E was born, but we just couldn't afford it. We have a pretty big bedroom(it measured out to be 35.33 yards of carpet needed), so this is just awesome. He had already called the guy and told him that I was going to be coming and told me to pick out whatever I wanted. So yesterday Miss E and I went up there and picked out the type I wanted and brought the samples home so I could pick the color. I went back and ordered it this morning and it's going to be installed next Wed! Happy doesn't describe how I feel! It's enough to make me forget about what a crappy day I had Saturday.

So now I am on count down mode to Wednesday. After it gets installed, I'm going to pick out paint and finally paint our bedroom. We've lived here for 6 years and the walls are still bare and white and our bay windows still have no curtains. So I'm changing that and making it what I want it to be=) After I ge the bedroom how I want it, I'm going to start on the kitchen. I have plenty to keep me busy this summer with home improvements=) I'm excited because I love having projects though.

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