Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Lonely Friday Night.

This happens quite often.  My husband is a train wrecker, meaning he is on call 24/7.  Which also means he is gone a lot.  He can stay gone for up to 17 days at a time.  {It could be worse, he could be gone for months or years like our servicemen are.  I have a huge amount of respect for our service men and women and their families for doing what they do.} This was a huge adjustment when he started last July because he was always home and that is what Elyse and I were used to.  This was just an opportunity that he couldn't pass up.  We decided when Elyse was born that we just could not put her in daycare, one of us would stay home.  At the time, we were both unemployed, so we decided who ever got a job first, the other would stay home.   A spot opened up there (his cousin works there)  and like I said, he just couldn't pass it up.  He makes more than we both did in a week before.  So it allows me to stay home with Elyse and we are still living comfortably and FINALLY paying credit cards off.  

Anyway, I've gotten used to him being gone, but sometimes it doesn't make it any easier.  Like if we get in an argument and he just has to leave and we don't get to resolve it.  Or when he's been gone for a week and Elyse is going through a sleep regression or teething and won't sleep at all.  But the worse is when Elyse hears our neighbor's truck and she walks to the door calling for dada, then crying when he doesn't come through.  Or like today.  I got Brandon a surprise and it came today.  This is something that I had to be sneaky and do detective work to get (I won't say what it is on the off chance he does read this).  So I sat it on the dining room table and was waiting for him to get home to open it up.  Well he calls and says that he got off early and is on his way.  This makes me incredibly happy because I am just so stoked to give this to him.  Well then he calls and says that he got to the subdivision and had to turn around because they got called to a job in Chattanooga.  I am extremely upset by this.  But I know it's not his fault.  Hopefully they will be able to come home tomorrow and he will finally get this surprise.  Pray that I can keep it a secret if they don't get to come home because it's taking everything in me to not spill it!

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  1. I wish that I had a car or lived closer so that we could have play dates! The boys would have so much fun with Elyse! We really do need to plan a play date/reunion soon! Miss you bunches and can't wait to hear what Brandons surprise was!