Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stop holding it in!

So my daughter Elyse has been a pretty healthy kid. She's only been sick twice in her 13 months, once when she was a few months old and it was just a little congestion and the other was a week before she turned one she had a double ear infection and bronchiolitis. That was a miserable week to say the least.

Her issues have always been with her digestive system and well...bathroom problems. She had pretty bad reflux from about 2 months on. We were finally able to wean her and she's been off those meds for almost 2 months now. So that pretty much took care of itself...thank goodness because it could have been a lot worse than what it was.

Her issues on the other end....well we haven't been so lucky. She's had problems with her bm's since almost birth. We've seen the specialists, changed her diet in every way possible it seems and nothing is helping. The kid is on Miralax every day and nothing. Every once in a while we will find something that seems to work short term and then it just comes right back. We are now looking for a new specialist because I'm convinced that something is not breaking down properly or something didn't develop properly and that's why she can't pass it. It's not normal to have to do suppositories once a week. I hate that something so natural is so hard for her. She has so much pain that it is heartbreaking. It's the worse feeling of helplessness in the world to sit there and not being able to figure out what is causing this. Tonight was just awful. The poor baby bled so much this time that I'm waiting for Brandon to get home to determine if it was internal or external so we know whether or not to take her to the hospital. If she doesn't go tonight then we are going to the doctor tomorrow and getting a referral to a new specialist. This one I'm convinced doesn't know what he's talking about.

I know this is going to affect her potty training. She already has it in her head that she knows it's going to hurt so she tries to hold it in. That only makes things so much worse. But at 13 months she only knows cause and effect. So I'm doing everything I can to grab her and bend her legs every time she goes stiff and after every bm she gets a cookie as a reward.

I pray to God every night that we will find something that works because it's at the point now where it is becoming more and more of a serious issue. Everyday is a challenge with this and at this point I'm praying that God will direct us so that we may find an answer.


  1. Oh my :(

    It is heartbreaking to hear that she has to constantly endure that pain so often. I've had issues postpartum after each kid with my BM's, constipation, and hemorrhoids. It is very painful and I can't imagine your poor little girl having to go through that :(. My two year old was constipated once and it was so bad that he would scream in pain :(

    I will pray for her that you all can find a new specialist and get to the bottom of it so she can get relief. ((hugs)) to you and her.

  2. Thank you so much for your prayers, they are most certainly appreciated.