Thursday, March 24, 2011

A big change...possibly.

For the past few months my husband and I have been toying with the idea of moving.  We've outgrown our house and we really would like to be closer to family since his job demands so much of his time and he is gone a lot.  

I have mixed emotions about this for many reasons.  The first is that this house feels like home.  It's taken many years for it to feel that way and it didn't truly feel like home until the day we brought Miss E home.  When my husband built this house and moved in 6 years ago he had an old recliner and the box that his trash can came in as a table.  Now it has morphed into a home with so many memories.  Everywhere I look there is a different memory.  Over on the couch is where Brandon proposed to me on Christmas morning 2007.  It's where we started our lives together.  It's where we came and called everyone we knew when we found out we were going to be parents.  It's where we brought Elyse home and she has had all of her firsts. The backyard is my turtle Ricky is buried in a little box.  It's going to be so hard to leave all these memories here.  

The house Brandon is wanting, I'm not too crazy about.  He tells me when can make it whatever we want it to be but I don't see the potential he does.  It was a victim of the flood in 2009 and is completely gutted.  The foundation is still there, we would just rebuild the inside and change the floor plan.  It has it's up's and downs.  I like the fact that Elyse's room would be right next to ours.  It has 4 bedrooms but Brandon want's to knock the wall down to one and make it a dining room.  Our room would still be big and looks almost like ours does now.  The bathroom is not near as big so Brandon said he would find a way to make it comparable to ours now.  I'm spoiled with my big bathroom and my own closet. There's also a building that Brandon could finally store all of his stuff in.  He's been wanting a building and here he would get it. And for the price we could possible get it and rebuild, our mortgage would be about half of what it is now.  The best part is that the backyard backs up to Brandon's parents yard.  We would be in walking distance which would be great!  Some people think that I'm nuts to want to live that close to my in-laws, but honestly I love the idea.  It would be great to have help when Brandon is gone for weeks at a time and to have company because it gets lonely.  I'm lucky and don't have the "dreaded" MIL.  I love my MIL, she has always treated me like on of her own.  Miss E loves her Grammie and I know she would love to be closer to her.

The downs are that if my IL's get a buy out (bc of the flood)  they will be moving and that's the biggest reason of us wanting that house.  I don't know where they would move to, but it wouldn't be within walking distance.  It doesn't have a basement or an attic(like we do now) and I'm just scared that we won't have enough space.  If we do move A LOT of stuff would not be coming with us though.  It's a good opportunity to de-clutter.  The neighborhood is old and the schools are not great.  Of course this is a short term arrangement.  We can flip it (if the market comes back up) before Miss E gets school age.  The yard looks awful, I guess because of the flood.  I want a big yard that Miss E can play in and we can have a swing-set and a baby pool for her. I want her to be able to play outside.  We don't have that here.  We have plenty of land, just not usable yard.  And most importantly, I'm afraid that it won't ever get finished.  My husband is the biggest procrastinator and his job is so demanding that I'm afraid of living between 2 houses indefinitely.  

We don't even know if this house will be available yet.  The owner is waiting to see if she will make anything on the buy out.  We are looking into other houses as well.  I guess I'm just going to continue to pray on it and see where God leads us.

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