Monday, March 14, 2011

Random thoughts

So the past few days have been pretty good.  Brandon was home for the second weekend in a row.  He took Elyse and they went to a yard sale and had lunch.  Elyse just loved it, they never get to do things just the two of them and I'm going to make it a point to make sure that they get to do that more often.  I think it will benefit the both of them and I could use the "me" time as well;)  While they were doing that, I went to brunch with my best friend.  It's always great to get to spend some girl time with her catching up.  Afterward I met back up with Brandon and Elyse and we went up to the flea market.  I've been wanting a lap top for awhile so we can get the desk top out of my dining room.  There's a guy up there that sales refurbished ones for pretty cheap so Brandon bought one.  I finally got my dining room table back and that makes me happy!  Then Sunday night we grilled out at our other best friends house.  It was fun and a good way to the end the weekend.

 On a different note, I was excited because I had bought a bunch of clothes for Elyse and me at Old Navy (online) while they were having their sale.  I really needed some shirts for summer and I got like 8.  Well I went to put one on Sunday and they are all too big.  Every single thing I bought for me was too big.  So it looks like Miss E and I will be making a trip to Old Navy (and there's not one close to us) within the next few days to return it all.  Luckily everything I bought her fits good.  

Oh and today I got deleted on someone's Facebook.  There's this post going around that everyone is posting as their status.  It's not correct at all and I pointed it out and she got pissy and deleted me.  Mature right?  It wasn't anyone that I have contact with, just someone that I used to work with so it's not a big deal at all.  I really find it humorous.

I don't really  have much to update, just a bunch of random thoughts, that's all=)

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