Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Official!

The Hollis' are moving!  Brandon has been out of town and when he called last night we were talking about it and he asked what I was thinking.  I told him that I was really leaning towards yes and he said that he was too.  So the call has been made and hopefully we will start the process next week on his stress days.  I haven't announced it on FB yet, I probably won't for awhile, but I'm so excited.  I feel like this is the right decision for us.  I knew I was leaning towards moving when I finally got my butt in the office and started cleaning it out.  Anyone who knows us knows that the office is the door that stays closed all the time.  Partially because you couldn't open the door because of all the stuff in there.  That was where I threw everything when it had no other place.  I knew when I finally broke down and cleaned the hall closet out that the office was next.  Miss E and I have been back there a couple of nights now and we have made huge progress. I'm very excited about it, if you can't tell=)  Anyway, back to the topic.  I'm nervous about the time frame of the rebuilding and moving because of Brandon's work schedule.  Here lately they have been gone more than they have been home.  I can only do so much because 1) I have Miss E and 2) He has the truck and I have a car.  I can pack and do all that stuff. Heck I could have this whole upstairs packed and ready to go in a day if Miss E had a sitter.  Anyone who knows me knows that that is not an exaggeration.  Oh well, God lead us to make the decision so I have faith that He will make it possible too.

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