Friday, April 22, 2011

Bit of a rocky start, but a great ending=)

We've had a rough week with Miss E.  Poor baby has been running a fever since Sunday so I took her to the Dr on Thursday.  He checks her out and says that everything looks good, no rash, throat is good, ears are good, so he wants to get a urine sample to check for a UTI or bladder infection.  I immediately ask how he plans on doing so and he says that they have to do a catheter.  My heart just sank.  So the nurses come in and we lay her down and the nurse can't get the catheter in.  She tries about 7 times before the 2nd nurse took over and tried.  She tried and tried and finally I told them to stop, if it wasn't going in to stop tormenting my child.  I mean she is screaming to the point that she is choking and purple.  The nurse says that where the catheter is supposed to go in is fused shut so the dr will have to come look at it.  She then attaches a bag to Miss E to try to catch urine that way.  Well the nurses come back in about 30 minutes later to check and sure enough, she had peed but the nurse didn't attach the bag right so it caught a drop at most.  When she took the bag off, it left marks on my poor baby and she was just in so much pain.  The nurses told me that the stuff they had to swab her with for the catheter would make it burned when she peed, so that was just one more thing to add to the pile.  So the dr finally comes back in and tells us they were able to test her urine from the drop and it came back negative.  So the fever could be a viral thing or Roseola and the rash from that won't appear until the fever is gone.  So waiting game on that.  He then proceeds to check her and poor baby is already screaming bc of what she went through with the nurses.  He tells me that she is closed where she is supposed to be open so we have to use a cream for 2 weeks and if she doesn't open on her own then she has to have surgery.  So we are praying that the cream works bc I do not want my daughter to have surgery, esp that kind of surgery.  So after being there for 2.5 hours and Miss E is just so exhausted (the appt was scheduled during nap time so she didn't get her normal nap) and traumatized, we finally head home.  We took her out to dinner last night and took her to Target so she could pick out a new toy and she loved that.

Today we took her to the zoo.  But before I go into that, I just have to tell this.  This morning I had Miss E on my lap and I was feeling her fore head checking for a fever when I jokingly told her to go get her Tylenol.  Well she hopped off of my lap and walked into the bedroom.  I looked and Brandon and he looked at me and said "she's actually looking on your nightstand'!  Well a few seconds later she walked out holding her Tylenol and handed it to me!  We couldn't believe it!   She will bring us her toys or shoes if we ask, but this just blew our minds.  We are raising a little genius=)  Anyway, she had a blast at the zoo, she pointed to all the animals and smiled at them.  She did so good.  She loved the petting zoo, I got a great video of her.  I wish I could find my adapter so I could share some pictures.  So she's hopefully forgotten all about the events of yesterday.  We hope to be able to take her to an Easter Egg Hunt in the morning and then of course Easter is Sunday and she's got all kinds of goodies=)  It's going to be like Christmas all over again, we may have went just a bit overboard, but she is such a great kid and she really deserves it.  

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